It sounds like the mayhem that went down in the Brooklyn center cost the UFC a lot more than just a few fights at UFC 223.  Sources are saying the UFC was set to have him attend a press conference where they were going to announce his return upon completing the negotiations of a new contract.

According to Omar Al Raisi  who is the Editor-In-Chief: The Sports Journal |the largest sporting news outlet in Dubai is reporting that Floyd Mayweather will fight Conor McGregor under modified rules.  The fight will be 5 rounds of 5 minute with both fighters wearing 4 oz gloves and agreeing to weigh in at 155lbs.  Instead of a traditional MMA fight, no kicks, no takedowns, no elbows, and no knees where to be allowed, however certain moves where going to be acceptable for in the Clench.  Sources are saying the bout is to be a Co-promotion between McGregor/Mayweather/and the UFC.

It appears as if Floyd Mayweather has already started doing the media to promote the rematch taking place inside the cage, however with the current status of Conor McGregor things may be on hold for awhile.  Dana White was quick to say that he thinks the fight is going to happen as well following #UFC223 when speaking to the press.

There is going to be a delay in any announcements now that Conor McGregor has found himself in a bit of legal trouble. While Conor is facing a few legal setbacks, the reality is his license has not been suspended or revoked and he can fight as soon as he is willing to book a match.

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