UFC fighter Tim Kennedy is a former special forces soldier in the US Army prior to him removing himself from the service to continue his career as a professional fighter in the UFC.  The long time staple in the middleweight division recently took to social media in an attempt to show his support for Donald Trump’s recent announcement that he wanted Gina Haspel to lead the CIA. Haspel has been scrutinized because of her willingness to use methods often considered torture to get confessions and informations, which have included waterboarding.

Speaking directly of the situation, Tim Kennedy had this to say, “They wouldn’t tell me when they. were going to put the towel on they would just smash it on my face and start pouring. You can’t hold your breath while they do it because the water runs down your sinuses. The water run through your eyes, down your nose, and pools at the back of your throat.”

While Kennedy didn’t call it torture, he certainly describe a scary scenario for anyone being interrogated, especially if you don’t “know you’re not going to die” when it is happening to you.  Kennedy has been known to show support for the military, and is infamously known for an incident with a USADA agent showing up at his house un announced where he held them at gunpoint!

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