Nacão Cyborg Fights is  the #1 mixed combat sporting event in the south of Brazil featuring Pro/Am mma, Muay Thai, k1, boxing, BJJ, submission grappling and more. Tomorrow the event will start at 3pm here in  the U.S and is going to be taking place 19pm in Brazilian time, 4 hours ahead of the united states. The event is owned by Cris Cyborg and her brother Rafael Venancio Justino. Cris Cyborg is a world MMA champion, today fighting in Bellator. Cris Cyborg has 4 different belts including  a Bellator, UFC, Invicta and Strikeforce belt.  Cyborg was born in Curitba, Brazil and now lives in Huntington Beach, California. Cris started to get involved in sports when she was around 15, she started with Handball and one day a MMA coach from a well known gym in Brazil named Chute Boxe saw her training  and asked her to participate in one of the practices, she did and ended up falling in love with it. Cris Cyborg decided to start this event with her brother to help athletes out there to get to be seen in a bigger even and to give them an opportuity since she has such a big name and is such a big influence in the fighting sport and area. 


Inthis event we hd huge fights that ended up gret for some people and really bad for others. In this event we had Marcos Carvalho and Wellington Serra fighting, the lucky winner was Marcos Carvalho who won by decision on the third round against his ooponent. That was Marco’s first fight ever and he was able to manage to get the victory of a guy that has a little more experience than him. Wellington on the other hand has had 2 fights before Marcos Carvalho and also did great on the fight, but it just wasnt enough to in that match.  If you are a fighter and you want to fight at NCF make sure to go to ncfights.com and put your information and everything needed for you to be part of the event and if you want to sponsor the event you can also put your information at the website and be part of the Cyborg Nation family !

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