When news first broke the the creator of Facebook, owner of Instagram, and the META guru Mark Zuckerberg was not only training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu but had actually competed in the Kimono Gi and won a medal in an actual BJJ tournament it literally BROKE THE INTERNET.

It didn’t take long for fans to dream up a fantasy ‘Corporate Match’ where the owner of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg would take on the owner of Twitter and the genius behind Tesla Elon Musk in a Mixed Martial Arts Matchup.  Things escalated quickly with Dana White showing his interest in promoting the biggest PPV event the world has ever seen.

While it might seem outlandish and crazy that two corporate guys would square off against each other inside the Ultimate Fighting Championship cage the reality is as long as you are competing against someone with a similar skill set, with a qualified ref and legitimate pre fight health exams, screenings and medical care on site the sport of Mixed Martial Arts can be relatively safe when compared to any contact sport (Prolly many more torn knees in soccer than BJJ, more broken ribs in football, more broken fingers from Basketball, etc)

With photos of Elon Musk training alongside UFC Great George St Pierre GSP and legendary Renzo Gracie Black Belt John Danaher.  Speaking of his training Musk said, “Really Fun, The obvious conclusion is that I need a LOT more training.”  Will we see Musk stick with the training and eventually fight Zuckerberg?? Who do you have getting the win?

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