Crypto Currency has been heating up, and so has the Crypto collectible market.  Last year MMA’s only Grand Slam Champion Cris Cyborg made history becoming the first MMA fighter to offer their fans a form of block chain collectibles when she partnered with the NIFTY GATEWAY platform to offer her fans the digital collectibles. Originally offered at only $10 each, the latest one sold for a whopping $1,300

Digital items have existed for a long time.  For example, a skin in footnote, or a sword in World of Warcraft, or a Neopet, however until now you could never really own a digital item. If your World of Warcraft account goes away, your sword disappears forever. A Nifty is a digital item you can actually own. Live on a blockchain, no one can ever take them away from you, not even the person who created them.  Check out NIFTY GATEWAY as they let you buy, sell, trade and display your Nifties.

Cris Cyborg has been an early adaptor of Crypto Currencies, and blockchain technology, becoming the first MMA fighter from the UFC, Bellator MMA, Invicta, or any other organization to offer her fans a blockchain digital collectible. Continuing to push the acceptance of Crypto Currency, Bellator MMA Champion Cris Cyborg’s website accepts your favorite Crypto as a form of payment in the online store including Bitcoin and Litecoin.

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