I just wanted to take the time to thank the Amazing staff of Texas De Brazil a world renowned Churrascaria Steakhouse for the amazing treatment and service the staff gave me and my team.  After making weight for my BLK Prime Boxing super fight against Gabby Holloway, we looked to make dinner arrangements for my team and were struggling to find a meal suitable for an athlete looking to prepare for a big competition the next morning.  Coming from Brazil I love to eat clean, and there is nothing better than properly prepared steak and of course Brazilian Rice and Beans!

My team discovered a Texas De Brazil Churrascaria steakhouse which is one of the best Brazilian BBQ places I have ever eaten at while in the USA.  What made this specific location in Omaha Nebraska so amazing was the incredible staff.  I did not expect the restaurant to have any Brazilian’s working with the staff, however I was QUICKLY SURPRISED to see they had many Brazilian’s working for the company and that the BBQ was very much an authentic Brazilian Experience.

The Salad bar was loaded with amazing food like Shrimp, Rice, Beans, Several cheeses, Potatoe Salad, Fresh Beats, Salad Greens and more while the meat comes to your table and is sliced directly from the cooking skewer giving you the perfect flavor and meat that absolutely melts in your mouth!  My team enjoyed the Picanha which is known as a Sirloin cap in the USA, they fell in love with the Ribeye and the Costela which is a marinated beef back rib and they couldn’t stop eating the other portions of Lamb and Chicken that our Garçons kept serving.

What I absolutely loved most about the experience in Omaha was the staff.  Lead by Corporate training manager Allan Stahl every person who worked at the restaurant regardless of their race or culture was extremely friendly and welcoming, the entire restaurant reminded me a lot of the importance of my Brazilian Culture and the tradition that Churrasco plays.  It was an amazing experience to have the night before I fought in front of a sold out Arena in front of 15,000 fans, especially knowing that even in Omaha, Nebraska that there were Brazilian fans in the crowd watching and supporting me!

Cris Cyborg enjoying Texas De Brazil with Allan Stahl Manager

To anyone who is looking for a great experience, something that goes beyond just ‘eating out’ I would recommend searching for a Churrascario Steakhouse and knowing that Allan Stahl is one of their corporate trainers, I can strongly recommend Texas De Brazil as you will not go wrong with their incredible staff leading your dining experience!

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