Robert Whittaker has become the latest UFC fighter to start producing their own video series in the lead up to their fights, with this one being entitled #UFC 225 Road to Recover, due to the fact that Whittaker suffered a series of injuries that caused him to be removed from his last fight and replaced by Yoel Romero.

The first time Yoel Romero and Robert Whittaker fought, it was Whittaker who left the cage the winner, despite the fact that Yoel Romero was a Judo Olympian he was unable to get the younger Whittaker to the floor and the fight quickly turned into Whittaker’s performance

Romero who is 41 years of age compared to Robert  Whittaker  at 27 is the much older fighter, and according to the UFC 225 road to recovery video, this is going to be the fight where Yoel Romero looks much older.  The fight will also have Holly Holm Vs Megan Anderson in a bout that should decide a contender for Cyborg at Featherweight again.

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