Cris Cyborg talks about domestic abuse with Zeila Plath and Nine Pires. A Brazilian fighter who has fought on Cyborg Nation multiple times and is a blackbelt in jiu jitsu talk aabout womens needs of knowing martial arts and the difference that it could make in their lives.

Cris cyborg is a world MMA champion, today fighting in Bellator. Cris Cyborg has 4 different belts including  a Bellator, UFC, Invicta and Strikeforce belt.  Cyborg was born in Curitba, Brazil and now lives in Huntington Beach, California.


Zeila Plath is a specialist lawyer in criminal sciences and assistance to women victims of violence, who is going to help Cyborg talk about the problem that’s been going on in social media for the past week citing domestic violence and home abuse.

“Enter the Nation that does not accept Violence Against Women”

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