Mexiacan boxer Jeanette Zacarias Zapata died Thursday after getting several hard punches to the head during her match against the fighter from Canada Marie-Pier Houle over the weekend, some of the event officials said that she was just 18. And the  Gala International Boxing event promoter Groupe Yvon Michel talked about what happened Thursday  about that happened to the athlete and sadly confirming the news of her death at a young age, many days after she went unconscious in the ring after her fight with Zapata. Jeanette Zacarias Zapata was a teenage boxer who sadly passed five days after being knocked out in aboxing match against the fighter Marie-Pieer Houle. On Saturday, the Mexican boxer was knocked down in the fourth round against her opponent at the GVM Gala International in Montreal where the event took place. The fight was a very tough for both of them but unfornately it was tougher for Zapata who got knocked down multiple times just in one round. After not seeing a hard by a left uppercut and a right hook, she had a seizure and was taken to hospital and on Thursday her fight promoter Yvon Michel announced her passing on the news to the media. 

Marie Houle is a professional boxer from Quebec, Canada. She is 31 years old and was born August 15th. She is currently fighting at the walterweight division and her last fight is been all over the web and some of the comments about the fight are that it was a mismattch due to the lack of experience from the Maxian Zapata compared to the Canadian and also because of the age difference that they both shared. Her record is 4-0-1 and Jeanette’s was 2-4 which might not seem like a big difference but considering the wins it ends up being one in some people’s point of view of the fight. Cris Cyborg made a post on her Instagram showing respect to the young fighter who lost her life due to the many punches that happened over the match.

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