Last week I was presented with the opportunity to try a new product by Labor Smart Inc ($LTNC) called NXT LVL Hydrogen Water, which is essentially Hydrogen Water in a can.  Now anyone who has been following my career, knows the amount of time and research my team puts into rehab and recovery–it is what has allowed me to remain at the top of one of the most competitive sports for over 16 years, becoming the only athlete; Male or Female, to win every championship in the sport at be named Grand Slam Champion.

Hydrogen water is great way to increase energy, reduce inflammation, and reduce overall recovery times between workouts.  Many people report added focus and mental clarity with regular use of Hydrogen water.  So how much Hydrogen is needed each use?  Well, the study and science to that is still being determined, but one thing is sure–if your body takes in too much Hydrogen you are sure to hear it going out one of your exits…BURP….Excuse me!  Currently there are more than 1200+ publications and 90+ human clinical trials demonstrating the health benefits of Molecular Hydrogen, with human research showing positive results in Metabolic Health, Neuroprotection and Athletic performance.


NXT LVL Hyrdrogen Water cans are advertised to have a 3PPM of Hydrogen admission which many studies consider to be the minimum effective dose.  At a cost of $3 per can, and a recommendation of 3 cans per day you are essentially paying 9$ for 9PPM or 1$ per PPM.  With Drink HRW and other similar Hydrogen tablets you are able to get up to 8PPM per tablet, considering the cost is around 1$ per tablet that means you are getting almost 8x the amount of PPM for the same price!  The next question should be…how much PPM can the body absorb at one time?  This isn’t an exact science, but one thing is sure, if you are using Hyrdrogen Water and feeling gassy, it is simple to cut a tablet in half if your body can’t absorb a full 8PPM per serving. To consume 3 cans of NXT LVL it would cost you almost 270$ a month at retail, while DRINK HRW can offer you the same amount of PPM at around 30$ per month.



The first thing I noticed about Nxt LVL Hydrogen Water was that the only options were canned products, which for anyone like me who travels consistently this is a problem.  The weight of water in a can makes it unpractical to pack into checked luggage when I’m traveling, and unfortunately due to regulatory restraints I am unable to bring cans of water as carry on for flights, which means my only option is shipping the product or ordering it to my final destination which makes the can a bit of a hassle for someone who has a fitness lifestyle like mine with so much travel.  Drink HRW makes it easy to pack a couple of tablets into my medicine bag or purse and gives me the ability to continue my Hydrogen Water treatments even while traveling or during a busy day of work.   Both products require you to finish consumption within 15 minutes of activating the hydrogen.



NXT LVL Hyrdrogen Water does not have any flavor, scent, or carbonation, which makes it taste like ordinary water.  Drink HRW comes in a few different formulas including ‘no flavor’ and my personal favorite ‘Raspberry’.  The added Hydrogen tablets from Drink HRW also give the water some life, adding a ‘fizz’ taste to the water giving you a nice break from the typical water consumption during the day.  The option of adding more, or cutting tablets from DRINK HRW also allows you to customize the flavor even more for your personal liking. NXT LVL Hydrogen water has an added ingredient that they have ‘infused’ the water with called ‘Quad C’ which is Colloidal Copper, Collodial Gold, Collodial Platinum, and Collodial Zinc, however lists each of those ingredients as less than 1% and doesn’t seem to effect the taste positively or negatively. My body also did not notice any significant differences with ‘focus’ ‘clarity’ or any of the other ‘benefits’ some have claimed to notice from the added Quad C formula.  While the flavorless DRINK HRW tablet has a bit of an aftertaste, the Raspberry flavored tablet is a preferred taste and is a great break from the daily consumption of water.

WINNER: DRAW :as a person who consumes a large amount of water during the day, I enjoy the Raspberry switch of my DRINK HRW and the added bubbles it provides to my water, however the tasteless and odorless NXT LVL Hyrdrogen Water makes it easy to consume even with meals.


While Nxt Lvl Hyrdrogen seems to be a good solution for those new to the benefits of Hydrogen Water, the fact that it is 3$ per can and that you should be consuming 3 cans of product a day makes it too expensive for many to actually see the benefits of continued Hyrdrogen use.  The cost effectiveness of Drink HRW (30$ a month Vs. 150$+), and the added convenience of not having to carry 3 cans around for each day of use makes it a simpler solution for those looking to recover while leading an active lifestyle.

Winner: Drink HRW

While I appreciate the team at NXT LVL Hyrdrogen Water sending me some product to try, the truth is that the hassle of having to carry a can, and the costs per PPM make it a solution that I know many of my fans  are not going to be able to take full advantage of, which is why I have selected DRINK HRW as the winner.  The ability to simply add a few Hyrdrogen tablets to your beverage makes it easier and more convenient, while the added taste benefits of the Raspberry DRINK HRW tablet makes it easier to consume than simply trying to drink more water during the day.  Overall I would give NXT LVL Hydrogen water in a can a solid C+ when factoring in cost, convenience, and flavor while I would rate Drink HRW with as an A- when comparing the same categories.

For those of you interested in researching both products for yourself you can find DRINK HRW HERE—>use code “Cyborg” at Checkout to save 10%

Unfortunately the folks at NXT LVL HYDROGEN Water Didn’t provide me with a discount code I could share with you but you can find their product here.

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