Today Cris Cyborg left for South Africa like she always does after her fights to work with kids in Africa and the ones who need help there. In the last couple of times that the grand slam champion has been to Africa, she helped a Village by putting two water wells there so they could get fresh water and stop dying and getting sick from drinking dirty water. She has helped there multiple times always trying to help and also enjoying her time there and visiting places that are well-known in Africa while training.

Cris Cyborg is always using her platform to help people especially kids that are always in need, women, and more too. She has helped with a  fundraiser for Brazil’s largest and most well-known Children’s Cancer Hospital -Erasto Gaertner from her hometown Curitiba. She has also established her Women’s Only PinkBelt Fitness Camp while continuing to support other communities such as the Fight For The Forgotten, where she has previously helped bring fresh water for two Batwa Pygmy Villages in Uganda Africa and is now going back there to help again, now with something else that you guys are going to find out about pretty soon. The champ is also going to be visiting some famous waterfall that is in Africa, can you guess which one? If you said the Victoria Falls… You got it right! Now make sure to stay tuned to know more about her trip.

If you want to know more about the grand slam champion Cris Cyborg, her training, her personal life, fight camps, preparation for fights, Cyborg Nation events, PinkBelts,  Cyborg’s pets and more follow her on Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, her Youtube channels which is Cris Cyborg. Make sure to stay tuned in all of her social media to know when news comes out and also if you guys want to know more about the Pinkbelts and the NC Fights or Cyborg Nation events. She is now in Africa about to start her missionary work as she does after every fight so stay tuned for what she is going to be doing there and what new places she is going to be visiting, helping, and spreading her faith with! 

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