Become a Premium #CYBORGNATION member today and get access to exclusive content, Cyborgs online instructionals, merchandise and enjoy a 10% discount in the online store, and more...
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  • Weekly Technique video
  • Monthly members only group Q & A with Cris using Zoom
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  • 10% discount in the online store
  • Exclusive Fight Night ticket offers
  • Opportunity for exclusive limited edition merchandising
Become a Premium #CYBORGNATION member today and get access to exclusive content, Cyborgs online instructionals, merchandise and enjoy a 10% discount in the online store, and more...

Premium members of Cyborg Nation receive an exclusive opportunity to participate in monthly members-only Live Q&A’s sessions with the Champ where they have an opportunity to ask their own questions about fitness, training, martial arts, or whatever else they have been wanting to ask directly to Cris Cyborg and hear her response.

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Each and every Thursday premium members of Cyborg Nation get access to a new martial art or fitness skill/drill taught to them by Cris Cyborg or her team of professional coaches. These video instructionals are beginner friendly and a great way to gain martial arts experience in your own safe and controlled environment.

Joining now and take advantage of limited time offers, exclusive merchandising, and fight night fan experiences you can only participate in as a premium member of The Cyborg Nation.

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